Mermaid Dreams

$ 17.99

One sunny Saturday, Maya and her parents visit the beach. Maya loves the
beach: the warm sand feels wonderful between her toes. But it would be
more fun if she had a friend. Too shy to say hello, Maya watches the
kids play nearby, and slowly her eyes droop closed . . .

Maya awakens she has been transported to a magical underwater world.
Maya admires the sea creatures flitting around her, and she discovers
that she too has a beautiful tail. Maya is a mermaid! But who is calling
out a greeting from behind that coral? Whose bright eyes are peering at
her from the sea grass? Whose laughter does she hear? Could it be a new
friend? Or just another sea creature?

This adorable picture
book will delight the youngest daydreamers and shows us that making new
friends may not be as hard as you think -- if you have a good