Who We Are

In the early 1900s, developer and conservationist Abbot Kinney sought to recreate the look and feel of Venice, Italy, envisioning a cultural mecca by the Pacific. Venice, CA became a sight to see for foreigners, artists, gondaliers, beach go-ers, writers and misfits alike. Almost 100 years later, California native Erinn Berkson opened up shop on Abbot Kinney Blvd. She dreamed of developing a neighborhood haven where she could share a curated collection of swoon worthy goods for all: stunning stationery, gifts for epicurists, trinkets for friends (or lovers), bookshelf or coffee table companions, whimsical wares and fares for hearth and home, odd curiosities, handcrafted jewels by local artisans and magical goods from far away places. In 2011, she set her trailblazing sights on a nook next door for the kiddos too, adorned with bright modern playthings, clothing and decor. As resilient as the California landscape (and the loyal Burro itself), her shop stands today as one of the last independently owned locales on Abbot Kinney's beloved street, and she has proudly opened doors in Malibu and Westlake Village, where your own adventure quest awaits.

Happy travels pals.