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Much Ado about Burro

The truth is, I guess I was just born like this.  If I can't rearrange my house or reinvent myself, I tend to go a little crazy.  I also like to stay still.  Very still.  Like check my pulse still.  We are all such interesting creatures.  I am a thinker, an observer and a doer.  I like to play with stuff.  I pretty much cannot wait to get to work each day and this is 15 years and counting.  The thing is I wanted to be me.  More me.  I am so grateful to have Firefly for fifteen years but I wanted to continue growing.  How could I really take another leap - a huge risk - and stay the same?  What if I just simply changed my name?  What would happen?  It was a risk I wanted to try.  Would the community embrace it?  Would they think I closed or sold my store and finally moved to Mexico to raise chickens and goats like I've threatened all these years?  I just became stubborn.  I got it in my head that I wanted to rebrand myself.  Keep up with the Joneses.  The honest to God truth was that I had never really seen a firefly.  That just really bothered me.  What was I obsessed with?  I mean, besides everything?  Burros.  I like the idea of the old West.  Of the pioneers.  Of the hard working laborers.  I like to just burrow in there.  Like really get in there.  New York has their boroughs, and I wanted a burro of my own.  Without further ado, I introduce BURRO.  

This is just the beginning.  


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