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BURRO Musings x Sophie Kipner

BURRO Musings x Sophie Kipner

Sophie Kipner is a visual artist and writer from Topanga, California.  
Using a technique of blind contouring where she draws the subject
without looking at the paper, she captures the essense of her subject
and transforms it into a beautiful piece of art.  
We feel very lucky to carry her limited edition Frida Kahlo print.  
Take a look at our studio visit and interview with this very special muse of ours.


Three words you would use to describe yourself:
Curious is a good one to start with, because I’m always asking questions and driving people crazy.
A little weird, maybe, which is three words.
The last one is impatient. 
Which is why this whole portrait series fits me so well, you know?
Three words you would use to describe Frida Kahlo:
Formidable, she didn’t take any shit.
Frida loved dinner parties, who are your dream guests for a dinner party?
Gosh, of all living and dead?
I would have to have Frida there. Hemingway, although maybe he wouldn’t be so nice... and Dorothy Parker. I love her.
Dream Live Portrait?
Do your prefer live portraits or past muses?
I really like doing live portraits.
I like capturing someone in a moment in time that they can look back on. 
But I also really appreciate when I’m left to my own devices.
I love looking through old photographs, and archiving the ones that just grab me. There’s something about a photograph and me not being able to be there...
I feel I’m able to pick up on other things that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.
It’s a more emotional connection, the way that I draw.
It sort of makes me feel like I can get closer to being in another time.
Favorite music to listen to while painting?
If I'm drawing a musician I will listen to their work...
Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Van Morrison. Nothing too heavy,
or too crazy…It kind of needs to be a little off. 
I don't really listen to contemporary music but if it is current it's folk music.
Favorite drink while doing portraits?
Favorite drink after you’ve finished a portrait?
Vodka tonic, but I do love a tequila.
Favorite Spot in Malibu
I love walking to the cross at Serra Retreat.
It's a great view.
I also love this little run through Malibu Lagoon, it takes you through the brush, when it’s really green and beautiful. It’s so great.
It sort of pours you out to the ocean.
I feel very happy there.
Then you can walk down and get a coffee at Malibu Farm Cafe at the end of the pier. I love that.






Interview by Saori Wall

Sophie Kipner Frida Kahlo Print




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