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Burro Musings x Marley and Alfie

Cindy Tung
Marley and Alfie
Tell us a little bit about where there name Marley and Alfie originated from?
That’s very easy, it came from my puppies.
I had Alfie first and later I got Marley.
Alfie passed away some time ago. I love them so much.
At the beginning of my business launch I picked charities that work with animal rescue shelters and would donate portions of the profits to them.
I try and do that as often as I can. I'm inseparable from my pup. Marley goes everywhere with me.
Courtesy of Marley and Alfie Instagram
What inspired you to design your signature horseshoe?
The horseshoe I actually found at at estate sale.
It belonged to a guy who originally didn’t want to sell it to me.
I could tell he was attached.
He asked, “What are you going to do with it?”
I told him horseshoes are known for good luck so I would hang it up somewhere, maybe add a little color to it.
After 10-15 minutes he agreed to sell it to me.
I started out making the horseshoes for myself, later for my friends and it just grew from there. 
Courtesy of Marley and Alfie Instragram
What do you think it is about pom pom's that people adore?
Color definitely has an impact on how they make you feel. Brights, muted colors, neutrals.
For me, their vibrance brings back memories from different travels, different textiles I love…Texture and shape play a part but I'm all about color. It will definitely cheer you up.
Courtesy of Marley and Alfie Instagram
What kind of music do you listen to when you’re designing your pom moms?
I’m obsessed with Glass Animals. I put on their station on Pandora. The album is amazing. It’s mellow, relaxing, and upbeat all at the same time.
Where do you draw inspiration for your horseshoes?
I’ve haven’t been there yet but I often look up photographs of Sayulita.
Colorful beaches, an awesome sunset, textiles, and South America all have a big impact on my pieces.
Courtesy of Marley and Alfie Instagram
Do you have any design process rituals?
I’ll sort out all the colors and lay them out first.
I like to see what Pantone is doing.
I did a horseshoe off of their Rose Quartz and Serenity colors.
I like to work late at night, usually around 10 or 11pm I start to get ideas. 
Bucket list trip?
Morocco is definitely on my list.
The bazaars, the textiles, the dyes…all the colors.
It’s so beautiful.
I’d also like to go to Peru and China. 

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