Rough Notebook Floral B5

Rough Notebook Floral B5

$ 17.00 USD $ 17.00 USD

Delight in this charming, vintage-style Rough B5 Notebook from Time Concept and enjoy smooth and nostalgic writing or drawing experience! Our designer got the inspiration for these beautiful nostalgic Rough notebooks from old and used books piled up at a flea market in the famous city of love, Paris. Its agedness that includes rough and uneven finish speaks significant elegance and rustic exquisiteness.

The 144 sheets are divided into three (3) different types of paper:

  • 1st portion - floral printed paper (112 sheets, 224 pages)
  • 2nd portion - 5mm-grid craft paper (16 sheets, 32 pages)
  • 3rd portion - plain perforated paper (16 sheets, 32 pages)

The pages are ideal for journal entries, everyday writing, technical drawings, and free-hand sketching. The B5 measures 7" x 10".