Potted Fairy Castle Cactus

$ 12.25

Add a natural vibe to your home, apartment, or other personal spaces using one of our exclusively designed Imitation Plants!

This series of items from Time Concept includes a variety of artificial plants and botanical arrangements made from durable and lightweight materials. Each piece is a great complement or a peaceful accent for an excellent aesthetic in your overall interior.

All plants are synthetic and constructed for decoration purposes only. It features intricate and lifelike details and design that resemble a real one for a clean decor both indoors and outdoors.

Put one in the corners of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or different plants around your house or flat. It will help bring out some colors and a breathable atmosphere that welcome you, your loved ones, and your guests with warmth and serenity.

L 3.94" X W 3.94" X H 7.48"