Medina Market Basket | Spice

$ 81.00

This basket is inspired by Morocco's narrow and winding streets of Medina. The Medina - which means ‘town’ - is the oldest part of Marrakesh. This area is completely walled in and is like stepping back in time. Bustling with thousands of vendors offering everything from hand-crafted leather sandals to spices, one can only be charmed by the aromas, the people, and the sights. The Medina Market Baskets are all handwoven by straw artisans and finished out with real leather details on the handles and tag. Beautiful enough to be used as a room accessory in your home - we prefer to pack a picnic and beach blanket - and off we go.

  • Small Size | 13.5" Wide x 11.5" Tall (including handles) x 5.5" Deep
  • Care | Wipe down your straw bag gently with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt
  • Imported by Mer-Sea