Dune | 5oz Glass Candle

$ 15.75

Deeply inspired by the scents of the Moroccan coast — mysterious and exotic with layers of nectarine blossom, sweet patchouli, warm and musk. Dune will carry you away to a warm, midnight coastal breeze on warm desert sands. Romantic and sensual, this scent embodies the curious alchemy of ancient world.

These candles are hand poured in specifically selected richly hued Moroccan beldi glass. All of the glassware is made if recycled cola, wine and beer bottles. From one-time use to full-time use. Each piece is unique and will remind you of the beauty and art of handmade. Once you've enjoyed the last of your candle, the glassware can be washed and used as drink-ware, to store your favorite items, or simply, beautiful art to cherish and admire

  • Handmade of 100% recycled Moroccan glass.
  • Height | 4"
  • Diameter | 2.5"
  • 5oz
  • Hand poured in the USA
  • Made by Mer-Sea