Decor Imitation Swag Bean Leaves Vine

$ 21.00

Keep your home beautified and neat with this Decor Imitation Hanging Swag Bean Leaves Vine. The Decor Imitation series from Time Concept features various pieces and arrangements of plants that are made from durable yet lightweight materials, all complementing well together to emphasize the aesthetic of the overall look. All plants are artificial and imitations, expertly constructed from a polyethylene component that closely resembles a real one. It's also exquisitely produced to create something that adds serenity and a natural calming vibe to any space. The vine structure and neatness of this plant make it ideal to hang on doorways, facades, walls, fences, and many more. Tied with a 7.09" linen string at the bottom that creates a more rustic appearance and a charming accent to any room when hung. The Time Concept Decor Imitation series offers various plant designs, sizes, and arrangements to match your interiors.