Common Blessings/ Common Curses

$ 12.95

Common Blessings / Common Curses is a lighthearted reversible book that explores the ups and downs of day-to-day life.

Read it upright for modern-day blessings, or flip it upside down for contemporary curses.

Blessings include waking up to good hair days or having enough change for laundry, while curses include burning your tongue on hot pizza or losing your sneeze. What will today bring?

Filled with vibrant illustrations by popular webcomic illustrator Maritsa Patrinos
Highly relatable no matter what kind of day you had
Based on an Ignatz Award-nominated comic series

Celebrate the sympathetically funny moments that can make or break your day.

The oh-so-relatable Common Blessings / Common Curses marries mindfulness with a dose of reality.

Makes a perfect gift for millennials, college students, graduates, and anyone experiencing the highs and lows of life
A playful take on modern life and the frustrations (and joys!) that can ensue